Theist vs atheist: Does God exist? Part 2 Sec.10

Debate on the existence of God between a theist/ Muslim (Furkan) and an humanist/atheist (Gary/Thomas).  … Read more

Muslim Belief: Foundation, Sources & Principles p3 – Ali al-Timimi

In this very important lecture the basic foundations on what Islam is based on and the primary sources from which the Islamic rulings are derived including the very important principles of Islam are explained in a very clear and concise   … Read more

Most Unusual Christmas CD from Shawn Rae Builds a Bridge Between Religions with the Message: “Love Knows No Borders”

islamic belief

(Vocus/PRWEB) December 28, 2010

It’s not every day that an entertainer from the Muslim world decides to record an album of Christmas classics. But then, November 6, 2007 was no ordinary day.

As King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and   … Read more

Islam 101- What Do Muslims Believe? Part 1 Of 2

This video discusses the 6 tenets of faith and the 5 pillars of Islam.   … Read more

what is the islamic belief on resurrection and how does it compare with other abrahamic faiths?

  … Read more

A Guide to Conclusive Proofs for the Principles of Belief

Product Description
This work, commonly known simply as al-Irshad, (“The Guide”) is a major classic of Islamic theology. Its author, Iman al-Haramayn al-Juwayni (d. 478/1085), was the leading Ash’arite (Sunni) theologian of his time but he was more famous for   … Read more

Quranic Material Development


This writer seeks to explore the possibility of using extracts of selected surah from both versions of the English language translations of the meaning of the Quran by Muhammad Asad and Abdullah Yusuh Ali.  These extracts will be applied   … Read more

Muslim Prayer Rooms In WTC

Muslim Prayer Rooms In WTC

New TYT Network channels: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors.   … Read more

Beyond Beliefs – IDA Australia

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Beyond Beliefs – IDA Australia
Dr Pamela Ryan, Managing Director, Issues Deliberation AustraliaAmerica

At the Hawke Centre-sponsored premiere of the documentary "Beyond Beliefs" – about a two day session in March 2007 held in Old Parliament House Canberra for   … Read more

The Eminence Islam Attaches to Women

The position of women in Islam has recently been an issue of debate. Some misconceptions arise, either from traditional practices which are thought to be “Islamic,” but are not, or else from prejudices. However, the real issue is how women   … Read more

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