What is the Islamic belief of the Afterlife?

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In Bible versus Quran: the Great Owl and the Raven will nest there

O Nations, Come near, to hear and Listen in Bible versus Quran (2)

This is the second article of the series (1-3):” O Nations, Come near, to hear and Listen in Bible versus Quran”.


Herein are the statements that   … Read more

Islamic Beliefs : A Brief Introduction to the ‘Aqeedah of Ahl Assunnah Wal-jama’ah

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At this time of confusion, heresy and division, it is essential for the Muslim to check on his belief and his approach to Islam, so that he may be certain that he is following the path of   … Read more

Strategic Thinking EBook E-book Self Improvement!

How To Information Product – Mental Health: Learn Strategic Thinking Techniques For Self Improvement, Self Help, Business Education, Training! Created For Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals & Anyone Who Wants A Crystal Clear Thought Process Today! Thks.

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Ibn Warraq: Leaving Islam – Apostates Speak Out (1 of 9)

“Proof that Islam is the truth” [6] : Stories of Those Who Heard The Quran

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Assalamaleykum Arahmatullahi va Barakatu, All praise is due to Allah, you are joining me for the Proof that Islam is the Truth. And today I’m going to be talking to you about the stories about those people who heard   … Read more

Faith Matters: Peace in Islam (English)

An informative and contemporary English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. The question being asked is regarding the peace within Islam. Programme no. 11. © Copyright MTA International  … Read more

Fake Ex Muslim Self-exposed – Former Muslim Becomes A Bishop

This is a video taken from another YouTube clip of this so-called convert from Islam to Christianity. It was just funny so I thought that I should re-upload it. It did not need any editing, any Mus…   … Read more

Islamic Political Thought

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William Montgomery Watt’s seminal study of the close relationship between religious beliefs and political doctrine in Islamic countries is now available for a new generation of readers. His introduction presents a clear and comprehensive survey of the development   … Read more

Celebrity Converts To ISLAM

Celebrity Converts To ISLAM

“Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people…” Hillary Rodham Clinton, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996, p.3 “Already more than a billion-people strong, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion.”   … Read more

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