The BNP and the European Elections – Some Thoughts

Its getting close to the European elections and if the predictions are to be believed, the British National Party will probably win lots more seats in the European council.

I dont particularly care for getting into massive debate about Europe,   … Read more

Moulana Dr.MMTaqui Khan 4th Moharram 22dec2009.mp4

Moulana Dr MM Taqui Khan Majalis of 4th Moharram on Avenues to Islamic Thought topic Siqafat (Culture)  … Read more

Islam is false (part 33)

How many prophets of Islam were there? And if there were so many, then ahy are not all people muslims? Why are all the prophets of islams only in the boundries of the countries Muhammed traded with? Why are there   … Read more

The Position Of God’s Mercy In Islamic Thought – Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

The position of God’s mercy in Islamic thought – An English Lecture / Majlis / Speech by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani in Toronto, Canada on the night of the eleventh of Muharram 1430, January 7, 2009   … Read more

JESUS THE ISRAELI MESSIAH. Part One by Michael Mifsud



Michael Mifsud

Remembered or Utilized. ?

Never in the history of mankind has so much been made of what is technically no more than scant misapplied information about a man apparently   … Read more

Legitimisation Of Faith& Belief

muslim belief

                                        LEGITIMISATION OF FAITH& BELIEF



                        On December 1949, one person kept the idol of Ram exactly under the middle minaret of the mosque. When an FIR was lodged and the mosque was locked by the police. Later   … Read more

Western Leaders Release Video; Urge Muslims To Convert

muslim thought

The leaders of six Western nations whose inhabitants have, at least in the distant past, experienced the redemptive insights of the Enlightenment, with its insistence that reason should play a foundational role in human thought and that an idea like   … Read more

Theist vs atheist: Does God exist? Part 2 Sec.10

Debate on the existence of God between a theist/ Muslim (Furkan) and an humanist/atheist (Gary/Thomas).  … Read more

Muslim Belief: Foundation, Sources & Principles p3 – Ali al-Timimi

In this very important lecture the basic foundations on what Islam is based on and the primary sources from which the Islamic rulings are derived including the very important principles of Islam are explained in a very clear and concise   … Read more

Most Unusual Christmas CD from Shawn Rae Builds a Bridge Between Religions with the Message: “Love Knows No Borders”

islamic belief

(Vocus/PRWEB) December 28, 2010

It’s not every day that an entertainer from the Muslim world decides to record an album of Christmas classics. But then, November 6, 2007 was no ordinary day.

As King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and   … Read more

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